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Euthylone online, not to be confuse with Ethylone, is a novel designer drug on stimulant nature which was first discovered in the year 1960. The drugs having stimulant nature tend the increase the functioning of the human brain and produce feelings of euphoria. These drugs are mostly use by the people for various medical conditions as well as for recreational purposes. These drugs, however, are addictive in nature which means that special care should be taken while on a dose. Owing to the tendency of misuse, authorities have put the drugs of cathinone and substituted cathinone class among the scheduled list of drugs which bars their production and distribution for human consumption.

Owing to the widespread use and importance of Euthylone, it is available on various physical and online stores around the world.

What is the Euthylone drug?

Euthylone is also know as BK EDBP or N-Ethylbutylone. It belongs to the cathinone class having similarities with the Ethylone drug. Ethylone is a designer drug of stimulant nature having effects on the functioning of central nervous of the human body. It usually exists in the crystalline form and pale yellow in color. The mode of administration of the drug is by oral means. The addiction liability of the drug is also high and long-term use can lead to lasting addiction. The chemical name of the drug is β-Keto-1, 3-benzodioxolyl-N-ethylbutanamine” while its molecular formula is “C13H17NO3”. The molecular weight of Euthylone is 235.278 g/mol. The purity of Euthylone crystal in its purest forms is around 97-98% though it can vary depending upon the quality standards of production being follow by the chemists.

The standard storage temperature for Euthylone is around 20-25oC while it is recommend to store the drug in a cool atmosphere free of moisture.

Different forms, types, and analogs of Euthylone

Euthylone exists in crystalline form having pale yellow color. It belongs to the stimulant designer drugs class of cathinone drugs. Euthylone finds similarities with ethylone drug and can be use as an alternative to it.

Street and scientific names of Euthylone

Euthylone is the name use for the chemical compound bk-EBDB and N-Ethylbutylone. The drug is also present in the market under various street names as it is also an attractive drug for the users looking to use it for recreational purposes.

Where to buy Euthylone ONLINE?

Euthylone can be purchase from physical stores around the world for research purposes or as medication on a prescription from your doctor. It can also be purchase from various online stores as they provide greater flexibility and ease in getting the product. Euthylone is available at our online store for researchers, drug stores, medical doctors and individuals from all over the world. We are able to ship our products all over the world as we have worldwide discreet shipping capabilities. Some of the significant reasons why you should purchase from us are list as below:

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Uses of Euthylone | buy euthylone online

Euthylone has found various applications in the field of science and medicine. It is use as a prescribe drug for the treatment of various medical conditions while it is also use by the people today for recreational purposes. On administration, feelings of high are produced by Euthylone which makes it an attractive option as a party drug.

Short and long-term Effects of Euthylone

Euthylone has stimulant effects on the working of the nervous system of the body. It causes increase euphoric emotions as well as an urge to carry out excessive physical activity. The short-term effects of the drug include motor control loss and involuntary movement of the body while long-term effects include addiction and anxiety.

Legal status of Euthylone | Euthylone for sale online

Euthylone for sale online, is a schedule drug in most of the countries around the world as the tendency of misuse of the drug by people is know to be high. Its production, distribution and unauthorize consumption have render illegal without proper licensing from the concern authorities.

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