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Dried Morel Mushroom

Dried Morels mushrooms are a great value as it take 8 pounds of fresh Morel to make 1 pound of dried Morel. They are a convenient solution to year round morel because you can rehydrate them as you need them.  The dried morel reconstitutes very nicely, coming back to it’s original form very well. These morels are wild harvested, using no pesticides or chemicals of any type. thus, Morel for sale online

To Reconstitute: Soak in 2 cups of warm water or liquid per ounce of dried morels for 2 hours or overnight. When they are fully reconstituted, strain through a coffee filter or paper towel and retain the liquid for your recipe or future use.

Storage Tips: Store in a cool dark area, use within 24 months of receiving.

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Dried Morel Mushrooms

Daddy Long Legs

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Dried Magic Mushrooms

Dried Morel Mushroom


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