magic mushroom growkit

The  magic mushroom grow kits to grow your own psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. grow kits seems new but are around for ages, it’s production method is proven and not changed. We call it the layer method. Perlite on the bottom, substrate in the middle and a vermiculite top layer to seal the deal.

Grow multiple flushes of the mushroom strain of your choice with the mushroom grow kit

Your  mushroom grow kit contains:

  • Container with 100% mycelium colonized rye substrate, perlite and vermiculite layers
  • Growbag with filters
  • Paperclips

The  cubensis grow kits are available in two sizes: The normal 1200 ml kit and the XL 2100 ml grow kit.

Grow enough active mushrooms to provide yourself for weeks of micro-and macrodosing with the 1200 ml Normal grow kit. Very easy to set up and grow

With more then 2 liters of substrate the  XL kit is like a train: it needs some time to get going, but it will get you were you need to be every time. You provide the optimal growing conditions and this kit will flourish and keeps on giving. Between 2-4 weeks you will have a harvest that takes you to all dimensions.

Just Soak 5 minutes and grow!

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Growit – GrowBox Mckennaii

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Growkit instructions

The kits we sell are for microscopic studies only

Growkit Mckennaii contains everything you need to conduct independent research. In addition to the mycelium, the kit includes a plastic bag with air filters and 2 grow bag clips. Growkit Mckennaii can be stored in the refrigerator for about 4 months. However, it has a limited shelf life outside the refrigerator.

We would like to remind you that growing fruiting bodies of Psilocybe cubensis or any other psilocybin mushrooms is prohibited by law in Poland. Before using the instructions shown on the site, make sure you are in a country that does not prohibit the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms ( Psilocybe Cubensis)

Growkit Mckennaii

We would like to point out that Mckennaii mushrooms cannot be grown or consumed in Poland. The following content is for educational purposes only.

Growkit Mckennaii (Psilocybe Cubensis)


Cap: 1. 5-8 (10) cm wide, broadly conical or oval or bell-shaped when young, gradually expanding to convex, broadly umbonate or flat; surface smooth or with small whitish remnants of veil when young, sticky when moist, soon dries, color variable: whitish with a brown to yellowish center, or completely yellow to yellowish brown, or sometimes cinnamon-brown when young, and sometimes dull olive in old age; bruise and aging bluish; margin sometimes fringed with veil remnants. Flesh firm, white, discoloring blue or bluish-green when bruised.

Spore print: dark purple-brown to black; spores 11-17×7-12 microns, elliptical, smooth, thick-walled, with a large apical germ pore. Cystidia present on gill surfaces, but chrysocystidia absent.

Bluing: blue or blue-green

Blades: adherent to adherent or separating to free

Stem: 4-15 cm long, 0.4-1-5 cm thick, even or more often thicker below, dry, white or sometimes yellowish to yellowish brown, aging or bluish blue or bluish green; smooth.

Veil: membranous, white or bluishly colored, usually forming a thin, brittle, superior ring on the shaft, which blackens from falling spores.

Mycelium: strongly rhizomorphic, white

Temperature: 24-27 ºC

Light required: not applicable

Remember to pick up your package from the parcel machine as soon as possible.

If you do not pick up the parcel and it comes back to us, you will have to pay the shipping and return costs again. In this case, we will send you the same products that have reached us.

Remember that psilocybin mushrooms cannot be grown in Poland, so we do not give any advice on this subject. You can look for information on this subject in online forums and Facebook groups. 

By purchasing this product you accept the terms and conditions and the need to destroy/dispose of the product within 72 hours of delivery.

Cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is illegal in Poland, at you can buy them only for scientific purposes


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Magic Mushroom Growing Instructions

Our Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits , Magic Truffle Grow Kits and Liquid Culture Medium have detailed and clear instructions.

All our products are shipped without any instructions included in the parcel to minimize our carbon footprint. You can easily read, watch and download the instructions for your Magic Mushroom Grow Kits by choosing the method you prefer.

For the more advanced shroom growers that buy Magic Mushrooms Spores we advise you to visit The Shroomery forum offers good and extensive information about growing your own mushrooms.

Important update on Mondo XL Growkit Instructions

To improve the development of the mushrooms in the Mondo XL mushroom grow kit, add approx 150 ml of clean tap water to the growbag, after the soaking process. This makes sure the Mondo XL grow kit has a higher humidity and the mushrooms can grow beter.